We’ve pulled together a range of packages that give you real choice on how to use our services. We’re also happy to create a package based on your needs and requirements.

SR Fashion Start Ready To Wear programme



A one-hour consultation to brainstorm your strategy, designed to leave you with real clarity on your next steps. This is an ideal way to trial our mentoring approach.

Simply provide us with a brief description of your brand, what you’d like to cover and an hour of your time. You can meet with us via Skype or face to face (in Central or East London).

SR Fashion Start Ready To Wear programme



We believe that one-to-one mentoring is the way to drive your business forward. You’ll get impartial feedback on your ideas and guidance that will help you deliver a solid business plan.

– first-hand knowledge on how to plan your business,
– support when you’re busy or feeling overwhelmed,
– the use of our friendly and impartial team as a soundboard for new ideas

We recommend two hours of mentoring per month. We can work flexibly to suit you, either via Skype or Facetime, on the phone, or face to face.
E-mail support and post-mentoring reports are also available.

This package will suit you if you’re looking for help in the following areas:

  • Developing or reviewing business plans
  • Building your brand identity
  • Planning your range
  • Making sure you’ve got the right market research
  • Developing products
  • Evaluating your sourcing options
  • Preparing for launch

*minimum six hours pre-booked and pre-paid.

SR Fashion Start Ready To Wear programme


Approximately £2000*

If you’ve got a design idea but aren’t sure how to take it forward, this package will give you a clear plan on how to kickstart your business.

*This is a guide price based on the amount of work necessary. We’ll give you an accurate costing after your first free consultancy session. We recommend using this package in conjunction with our hourly mentoring services.

We’ll work with you intensively (over a period of approximately five days) to make sure:

  • You have a strong brand message
  • You can plan and build your collection
  • You know how to research the market and competition
  • You understand how to structure your pricing and costings
  • You’re able to build your range plan document
  • You know how to approach the market
  • You have a clear plan to implement our recommendations.


In addition, we also offer the following services:



Let us help you work out your profitability. We’ll provide a range plan covering all your styles and identifying your cost prices and margins for retail and wholesale. Once complete, we’ll leave you with a document that you can edit yourself. What’s more, we’ll show you how to make any amendments needed as your range develops and evolves.

We believe this is an invaluable tool that gives clear visibility on cost and helps you to negotiate confidently with suppliers and buyers.

*After assessing the complexity of your collection, we’ll give you a cost estimate.



We’ll provide a detailed report giving you all our recommendations for keeping your business moving forward.

*We’ll quote you our exact cost for this service in a post-mentoring session.

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